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Rum By Price 75-99 EUR

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This list contains rums we have found in the following price range: 75-99 EUR.

NOTE: Even though we do our best to estimate an average price of each and every rum, we are aware of that prices can differ very much between different countries.

Please use this list merely as an global average indicator instead of an actual price list.
As we are always trying to improve the quality of our content we would like to know if there is a product misplaced.

Rums in the price range 075-099EUR:

Angostura 1787
Bacardi 151 Rum Vintage
Bacardi Exquisito
Berrys Fijian Rum 9 Years
Berrys Guadeloupe Rum 15 Years
Berrys Guyanan Rum 15 Years
Berrys Haitian Rum 9 Years
Botran Solera 1893 Premium Gold
Botucal Single Vintage 2000 Sherry Cask
Cadenhead’s Jamaican IRW Long Pond 18 Years
Cadenhead’s Trinidad TMAH Trinidad Distillers 19 Years
Clément 6 years Old
Clement Cuvée Homére
Compagnie Des Indes Belieze 11 Years Cask Strength
Compagnie Des Indes Brazil 16 Years Single Cask
Compagnie Des Indes Dominidad Blend
Compagnie Des Indes Guadeloupe 16 Years
Compagnie Des Indes Guyana 18 Years Single Cask
Compagnie Des Indes Haiti 11 Years Cask Strength Single Cask
Compagnie Des Indes Jamaica 12 Years Single  Cask
Compagnie Des Indes Jamaica 15 Years Single Cask
Compagnie Des Indes St. Lucia 13 Years Single Cask
Compagnie Des Indes Trinidad 16 Years Cask Strength Single Cask
Cor Cor Green
Cubaney Centenario 30 years
Damoiseau Rhum Vieux 15 Years
Damoiseau Rhum Vieux Millesime 1989
Dictador Solera XO Insolent
Dictador Solera XO Perpetual
Duncan Taylor Caribbean 1996 16 Years
Duncan Taylor Single Cask Rum 1998 14 Years
El Dorado 21 Year Old Special Reserve
Fair Rum XO Finish Acacia
Flor de Caña Centenario Gold 18 Years
Isautier Old Rum Louis & Charles Isautier Cuvee
J.Bally Vieux Pyramide 12 Years
Karukera Rhum Vieux Millesime 1999
Karukera Rhum Vieux Millesime 2000
Kill Devil Barbados 16 Years 2000
Kill Devil Barbados 9 Years
Kill Devil Guatemala 8 Years 2007
La Mauny 1998 Vintage
La Mauny Millésimé Rhum Vieux Agricole 1995
Longueteau VSOP
Los Valientes Anejo Reserva Especial 20 Years
Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 Years
Mombacho Ron 19 Years
Mombacho Ron 21 Years Port Wood
Mombacho Ron 21 Years Sherry Finished
Neisson Rhum Blanc Par Neisson Decanter
Neisson Rhum Vieux XO
Opthimus 25 Years Malt Whisky Barrel
Opthimus Rum 21 Years
Opthimus Rum 25 Years
Pussers British Navy Rum Nelson Ship’s Decanter
Pussers British Navy Rum Nelson’s Blood Flagon
Rhum Depaz Grande Réserve XO
Rhum J.M.  Vieux Vintage 2001
Ron Aldea Tradition 1991
Ron Cartavio XO 18 Years
Ron Edmundo Dantes Extra Anejo Reserva Especial 15 Anos
Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial
Ron Zacapa Centenario Reserva Limitada 2013
Ron Zacapa Centenario Reserva Limitada 2015
Ron Zacapa Etiqueta Negra
Ron Zacapa XO. Centenario Gran Reserva Especial
Santero Ron 21 Years Antigua Reserva
Trois Rivieres 1998 Rhum Vieux Agricole Single Cask
Trois Rivieres 1999 Millesime Rhum Vieux Agricole
Trois Rivieres 2001 Single Cask
Trois Rivieres 2001 Single Cask Vieilli En Futs De Chene
Trois Rivieres 2002 Single Cask
Trois Rivieres 2003 Single Cask
Trois Rivieres 2006 Cask Strength
Trois Rivieres 2006 Single Cask
Velier Rhum Blanc Agricole
Velier Rhum Liberation 2010
West Indies Philippines XO Rum
Zaya Gran Reserva 12 Years
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