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Country: Guadeloupe
Founded year: 1916
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The distillery was founded in 1916 by the family Reimonenq. And like most other distilleries on the island, the main production Distillery Museum is agricultural rum, distilled based on pure sugar cane juice.

The freshly cut sugar cane is crushed by electric mills. After fermentation (24 to 48 hours) in vessels in the open, the wine is distilled in the stainless steel column. This column is special because the fermented juice is heated indirectly (heat exchanger coil) to separate the alcohol from the wine. The alcohol evaporates from 78°C and a maximum of 92°C.

This thermal heat exchanger allows total control of temperature during the distillation process and thus eliminates bad taste and ethereal to extract a quality product. This unique process creates the Caribbean Rum “Coeur de Chauffe”, a special rum for your cocktails and long drinks.

At the column outlet, rum is clear and as between 60% and 70% alcohol – it is stored :

  • In wooden barrels or in stainless steel vats and then reduced to 50% for sale.
  • Put into aging in oak barrels with a capacity of 200 to 600 liters (minimum 3 years for the name “Old”)

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