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About Dzama

Dzama (pronounced “zama”) Rhum was started in 1980 by Mr. Lucien Fohine, half-Chinese – half Malagasy) and his Malagasy wife, on the island of nosy be off the northern shore of Madagascar they had built a scotch whiskey bottling business, and decided that the resulting empty barrels would be perfect for the aging of rum.

Production was transferred to Antananarivo (the capital) when the success of the rums and the cost of transportation made it imperative by 1984. the company started out with two station wagons and two light trucks, now have 60 vehicles that cover the whole island of Madagascar.

Dzama dominates 60% of the spirits market on the island. the population is 20 million.
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Dzama brand facts

Country: Madagascar
Founded year: 1982
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