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Ti Original De Ced

About Ti Original De Ced

Our Story
A budding taste for this spirit that I introduced to my friends and family, and they in turn shared with those close to them… and everything began here! The satisfactory feedback and many requests I received encouraged me to undertake a project that seemed a bit crazy at the beginning: commercialize rum punch.

My experience as an agri-food engineer, a desire to launch my own business, a wish to share these arrangements with a larger public, and the support of my friends and family are factors that led me to begin in September 2011!
Les Rhums de Ced’ are the fruits of 9 years of pleasure and work that I invite you to discover as you taste my macerations.

The company is committed to selecting high-quality products and introducing new taste experiences with our unprecedented maceration techniques.
In 2013, Les Rhums de Ced’ was awarded two titles by the Pays de la Loire Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts: Craftsman and Master Craftsman
Already our products have won 20 awards in national and international competitions.


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Ti Original De Ced brand facts

Country: France
Founded year: 2011
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