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Siesta Key

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Brand facts:

Country: USA
Founded year: N/A
Brand Review: 

Drum Circle Distilling is a small artisan distillery located in Sarasota, FL. Our goal is to produce the finest quality hand-crafted rums available.

The research on making great rum actually started many years ago when our founder spent countless hours watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico from a chair on Siesta Key beaches while drinking some of the world’s best rums. Too much sun, sand and rum eventually took it’s toll and when the opportunity presented itself, he ordered a still.

Our artisinal still was custom-designed and crafted. This beautiful small batch still makes extensive use of copper. The reason for this somewhat excessive use of copper is that it smooths the rum. The copper reacts with the harsh molecules in the rum vapor and removes them before the rum makes it out of the still. Beautiful both to behold and in operation, our still allows us to smooth out bitter flavors and produce a refined and full-flavored spirit.

Designing an outstanding still will not guarantee an outstanding rum. The ingredients that go into making the rum will impact the flavor of the rum in a big way. We use only real ingredients when making our rums. For example, our spiced rum is made with real ground up spices and honey. We could have chosen to use pre-packaged liquid flavors with ingredients that can only questionably be called “natural flavors” as so many rum makers do. But we did not get into this business to let the cost of ingredients drive the rum flavor. We are making the best possible rum we can and doing it at a reasonable cost. Our belief is that once you taste our rums you will make Siesta Key your rum of choice!

Siesta Key Rum is truly a labor of local love. Please drink it responsibly.

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