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Takamaka Bay

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Brand facts:

Country: Seychelles
Founded year: N/A
Brand Review: 

The Trois Freres Distillery was built and developed by brothers Richard and Bernard d’Offay back in 2002. Their vision was driven by a desire to provide the Seychelles islands with high quality rum based on their grandfather’s original recipe. “Takamaka Bay” dark rum was created.
Since then, the Takamaka Bay family of products has grown to include white rum, coco rum and vodka; all of which adhere to the original high quality vision.

So wherever you are, the d’Offay brothers are still making their rum, and whether you are sipping cocktails on the beach or enjoying late night rum on the rocks with friends, Takamaka Bay brings you the spirit of the Seychelles.

You can buy Takamaka Bay rums from one of our partners below: 

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