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Country: Barbados
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Cognac Ferrand has always had close relationships with the best distilleries in the Caribbean, selling them casks that had once contained its cognac.

Ferrand casks are highly prized by certain rum producers that use them to mature their spirits. During these exchanges, Alexandre Gabriel had the opportunity to discover some very old batches of rum with extraordinary richness and a diversity of aroma and flavor.

Available in tiny quantities, the rums were intended either for the personal consumption of the distillery’s cellar master or used to give style to industrial rum blends. Quite naturally, Cognac Ferrand decided to bottle these special rums as a series of rare vintages.

And so the Plantation Collection was born… Plantation is now a full range of seven vintage rums and three blended rums made by Ferrand’s cellar master. Each rum is the perfect expression of its country of origin, its terroir and its distillery.

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