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Rum By Price 150-249 EUR

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This list contains rums we have found in the following price range: 150-249 EUR.

NOTE: Even though we do our best to estimate an average price of each and every rum, we are aware of that prices can differ very much between different countries.

Please use this list merely as an global average indicator instead of an actual price list.
As we are always trying to improve the quality of our content we would like to know if there is a product misplaced.

Rums in the price range 150-249EUR:

Appleton Estate 21 year old
Bacardi Paraiso
Botran & Co Gran Reserva Especial
Botucal Ambassador
Bristol Caroni Trinidad 1974
Bristol Port Morant Guyana Demerara 1980
Bristol Very Old Demerara Rum 1975
Clement XO Rhum
Compagnie Des Indes Trinidad 22 Years Single Cask
Coruba 18 Years
Damoiseau Rhum 1980 Full Proof
Diplomatico Single Vintage 1997
Duncan Taylor Single Cask Rum 1985 27 Years
Dzama XV Aged 15 Years
Ekte Limited Release No 5 Guyana 17 Years
J.Bally Millesime 1979
Karukera Cuvee Christopher Columbus 1493 Hors D Age
Kill Devil Guyana 15 Years 1999
Kill Devil Jamaica 16 Years 1998
Kill Devil Panama 10 Years 2006 Cask Strength
La Favorite 1980 Cuvée Spéciale de la Flibuste
La Favorite 1981 Cuvée Spéciale de la Flibuste
La Favorite 1982 Cuvée Spéciale de la Flibuste
La Favorite 1983 Cuvée Spéciale de la Flibuste
La Favorite 1984 Cuvée Privilege
La Favorite 1984 Cuvée Spéciale de la Flibuste
La Favorite 1990 Privilege Cuvee d’Exception
La Favorite La Réserve Du Château 2000
La Mauny 1979 Embouteillé en 2000
Legendario Añejo 15 Años Gran Reserva
Malecon Seleccion Esplendida 1976
Neisson Rhum 2003 Brut De Fut
Neisson Rhum 2004 Fut Unique Single Cask
Neisson Rhum 2004 Single Cask
Neisson Rhum Edition Limitee Millesime 2007 Single Cask 58.9%
Neisson Rhum Edition Limitee Millésime 2007 Single Cask 59%
New Grove Solera Very Old Rum
Rhum Bielle 2005 Vieux Agricole
Rhum Bologne XO
Rhum Depaz XO La Cuvee du Centenaire
Rhum J.M.  Vieux Vintage 1990
Rhum J.M. Vieux Vintage 1993
Rhum J.M. Vieux Vintage 1994
Rhum J.M. Vieux Vintage 1995
Ron Centenario Sistema Solera 30 Anos Edition Limitada
Rum Demerara 1985 23 Years
Rum Nation Demerara 27 Years 1973
Rum Nation Jamaica 1986 21 Years
Rum Nation Rare Rums Diamond 2005-2016 NAT 46
Rum Nation Rare Rums Enmore 2002-2016 NAT 45
Rum Nation Rare Rums Enmore 2002-2016 NAT 51
Rum Nation Rare Rums Port Mourant 1995-2016
Saint James Rhum Extra Vieux Single Cask 1998
Saint James Rhum Vieux XO Quintessence
Santa Teresa Bicentario Aged Rum
Trois Rivieres Oman
Velier Uitvlugt 1985 27 Years
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