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Santero Ron

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Country: Cuba
Founded year: N/A
Brand Review: 

Santería arose in century XIX between the members of the Yoruba community that, in spite of being sent to Cuba like slaves, it maintained its culture traditional.
The Spanish word “Santos” was applied to the Orichas (spirits) Yoruba,
and the one was this use that gave origin to the Cuban term used to talk about to the Yoruba religion: Santería (Way of the Saints).
The influence of the Cuban culture of great catholic tradition is basically an African but reflected religion.
Their medical instructors at the beginning were the enslaved black that came to replace the native manual labor.

In the dowries of slaves one made concentrated and brutal drink that cheered them and replaced of its difficulties,
Oti or malafo, drunk par excellence of the afrocubanos rites is not more than the brandy.
Thus the brandy was born that lays the ways” Santero” that recall the traditional rites of the Yoruba religion in our region.

The SANTERO as to be human it represents important cultural segments of our society, fruit of the genetic and cultural mixture of races, the SANTERO represents a religion that defends the identity of their culture with deep human roots, of defense of the family, the honesty, the purity of the feelings, of not attacking to its equal ones, serving and to help the others and it is pronounced through rites that are very beautiful where it does not lack the brandy.

These feelings are part of the national identity.
The experience reached about the Cuban roneros teachers during centuries trasmitida of parents to children and the nature that it equipped to the Island with Cuba with the suitable conditions for the culture of the cane
of sugar they have laid the ways to him to a new member of the Santero family: The Rum.

Ron Santero is bold, ceremonial, possessive and sensual a drink… pure and indomitable that it invokes, it summons and it reunites.
The rum Santero is thus… original.
It is the suitable moment for presenting/displaying to the world Ron Santero that is the result of the mixtures of the most exquisite aged brandies.

Ron Santero that leaves today to the world from Cuba is a distinguishing and authentic cultural creation.

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