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Yolo Rum

About Yolo Rum

From the hands of master distiller and rum blender, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez to you. “Don Pancho” is the world’s most respected and honored “ronero”. Born in Cuba, where he began his quest for the perfect rum, he has gone on to receive hundreds of awards and has been acclaimed world-wide as the ultimate practitioner of his craft.

YOLO, Ltd., founded in Denver, Colorado, has established a partnership with the world’s premium rum producer, in Panama. It is a unique pairing that benefits rum aficionados searching for the ultimate rum experience. Now, directly from the master rum blender “ronero” Don Pancho, YOLO Ltd. is proud to introduce YOLO RUM GOLD and YOLO RUM SILVER. Yolo Rum has been created to meet a growing demand for quality rums in an exploding market. They are the perfect marriage of an ancient craft and modern tastes.


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Country: Panama
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