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Admiral Nelson

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The independent spirit and lust for life within Admiral Horatio Nelson became the inspiration for Admiral Nelson’s Premium Spiced Rum.

He was a bold character who led an adventurous life defending the open waters. So, why not honor him with a bold rum that is full of flavor and Admirably spiced? Furthermore, why not honor him with a complete family of rums allowing you to make your own decisions and chart your own course.

Do you have the adventurous spirit within you? Then get on board with Admiral Nelson’s Premium Rums. The Admiral Nelson’s family of rums offers a rum for every voyage.

The bold, full flavor found in the traditional Admiral Nelson’s Premium Spiced Rum is also available in 101 Proof Spiced, Cherry Spiced, Vanilla and Coconut. Be your own Admiral and discover the many flavors of Admiral Nelson’s Premium Rums.

Just as Admiral Nelson’s men could always count on him, you can always count on the smooth taste of an Admiral Nelson’s Rum. So, remember, ignore the rules and chart your own course.

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