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Elements Eight

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Country: Saint Lucia
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Elements 8 rum [e]8 is a revolution in super premium rum production. The range of platinum, gold and ‘barrel infused’ spiced rums are distilled at the St Lucian Distillery.

Elements 8 founder Carl Stephenson comments: “A lifetime’s ambition has been fulfilled to have launched such a successful and beautiful brand of rum that revolutionizes the category and centers on the product’s integral truths. The exceptional packaging is matched with super rum of ultra-smoothness”

The brand is attracting top shelf spirits drinkers looking to discover discerning brands based on luxury and sophistication. Listed in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the UK, Elements8 has become an established and much celebrated rum. Famed for its innovation, smooth and complex notes, and non-conforming to traditional methods of rum packaging or production.
The packaging is a storyboard for how the rum is crafted. Each side panel takes the consumer step by step through the crafted production process unlike any other rum.

Despite its innovative approach to rum production, the liquid created at the St Lucian distillery is steeped in heritage and tradition, with the distillery using its 120 years of knowledge and savior faire to craft these award winning rums.

True to the name Elements 8 uses eight individual elements in its super premium rum production technique. With a retained focus on the 120 years of craftsmanship, the individual elements bring their own distinct characteristic to the final products.

The distillery follows a strict protocol but also rely on the natural elements of the celestial St Lucian country to produce its outstanding quality.
These are the tropical climate of St Lucia; premium molasses; virgin rain forest water; three strains of yeast to enhance complexity; four distillation stills, including a Kentucky Bourbon Pot Still; tropical ageing in lightly charred oak Bourbon barrels; blending of 10 hand selected single rums; light filtration to retain flavor.

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