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Tres Hombres

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Brand facts:

Country: The Netherlands / Dominican Republic
Founded year: N/A
Brand Review: 

Tres Hombres rum is a treat for anyone who shares the passion of the initial three daydreamers who brought their dream to life..
The taste of Tres Hombres rum, which differs every year, is as exquisite and exciting as its production and shipping process. The distillation of the rum is followed by years of maturing in American oak barrels, using the Solera process and a unique addition, the touch of a Cuban master blender.

The traditional distillation methods, performed by various distilleries, produce rum suitable for exciting salsa parties as well as quiet moments by a fire with a Cuban cigar. Many editions have manually placed labels, or manually sealed tops, which give them their Caribbean appearance and feel, and beautifully express the romantic lifestyle associated with Tres Hombres.

Tres Hombres Rum is a collector’s item and recognizable as such; each year a certain amount of limited edition bottles are produced and shipped.
Tres Hombres rum is rum with a story, making history.

List of fine Tres Hombres rums:

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