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If you are looking for rum from Cuba you have come to the right place, below you will find a great deal of them. Do note that this list is by no means complete and is growing all the time.

If you know a rum that is missing, dont be shy, let us know about it.


Rum bottles from Cuba

Rum brands from Cuba

Total amount of rum bottles on Ultimate rum guide


Total amount of rum brands on Ultimate rum guide

You can buy Cuban rums from one of our partners below: 

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Rum brands from Cuba

Rums from Cuba

Alambic Classique Collection Rare Single Cask Rum Sanctus Spiritus 1998 Old Vintage
Cadenhead’s Green Label Cuban Rum 11 Years
Cadenhead’s Green Label Cuban Rum 13 Years
Compagnie Des Indes Cuba 16 Years Single Cask
Cubanacan Anejo  Superior 5 Years
Cubanacan Blanco Superior
Cubanacan Elixir Orangerie
Cubanacan Reserva Familar 12 Anos
Guayabita Del Pinar Dulce
Guayabita Del Pinar Seca
Havana Club 15 Year
Havana Club 3 Year
Havana Club 7 Year
Havana Club Añejo Blanco
Havana Club Anejo Especial
Havana Club Maximo Extra Añejo
Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros
Havana Club Tributo 2016
Havana Club Tributo 2017
Legendario Añejo 15 Años Gran Reserva
Legendario Anejo Blanco
Legendario Carta Blanca Superior
Legendario Elixir De Cuba 7 Years
Legendario Ron Dorado
Matusalem 7 Years
Matusalem Classico 10 Years
Matusalem Extra Añejo
Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Years
Matusalem Gran Reserva 18 Years
Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 Years
Matusalem Platino
Pacto Navio Rum
Renegade Cuba Paraiso 11 Years 1998
Ron Caney 12 Years
Ron Caney Añejo Centuria
Ron Caney Anejo Gran Reserva 10 Years
Ron Caney Blanco
Ron Caney Carta Blanca Superior
Ron Caney Oro Ligero
Ron Cubay Añejo Reserva Especial 10 Years
Ron Cubay Anejo Suave
Ron Cubay Carta Blanca
Ron Cubay Carta Dorada
Ron Edmondo Dantes 25 years
Ron Edmundo Dantes Extra Anejo Reserva Especial 15 Anos
Ron Mulata 15 Year Gran Reserva Añejo
Ron Mulata Anejo 5 Years
Ron Mulata Anejo 7 Years
Ron Mulata Anejo 8 Years
Ron Mulata Añejo Blanco
Ron Mulata Blanco Reserva
Ron Mulata Cuba Cream
Ron Mulata De Cuba Palma Superior
Ron Mulata Elisir de Cuba
Ron Mulata Elixir de Cuba
Ron Mulata Limon
Ron Mulata Natural
Ron Mulata Pina Colada
Ron Mulata Refino
Ron Mulata Silver Dry
Ron Mulata Solera
Ron Varadero Anejo 15 Years
Ron Varadero Anejo 3 Years
Ron Varadero Anejo 5 Years
Ron Varadero Anejo 7 Years
Ron Varadero Anejo Reserva
Ron Varadero Elixir
Ron Varadero Limon
Ron Varadero Silver Dry
Ron Varadero Supremo Anejo
Samaroli Cuba Rum 2003
Santero Ron 12 Years Gran Reserva
Santero Ron 15 Years Reserva Superior
Santero Ron 21 Years Antigua Reserva
Santero Ron 9 Years Reserva
Santero Ron Anejo
Santero Ron Anejo 11 Years
Santero Ron Anejo 3 Years
Santero Ron Anejo Reserva
Santero Ron Cafe Anejo 7 Years
Santero Ron Extra Anejo 7 Years
Santero Ron Oro Anejo 5 Years
Santiago de Cuba Añejo Rum
Santiago de Cuba Anejo Superior 11 Years
Santiago De Cuba Blanco Rum
Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 20 Years
Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 25 Years
Secret Treasures Old Aguardiente de Cana de Cuba 1996
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