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Rum 05-09 Years Old

Mombacho Ron Reserva 8 Years

Myers’s Rum Planters’ Punch

Neisson Rhum Blanc Par Neisson

Neisson Rhum Extra Vieux

New Grove Old Tradition 5 Years

New Grove Old Tradition 8 Years

Oceans Rum Mellow & Singular Rum

Oceans Rum Tasty & Singular Rum

Old Captain 8 Years

Old Captain Premium Rum

Old Monk Rum 7 Years

Old Monk Very Old Vatted XXX Rum

Origenes Reserva Don Pancho 8 Years

Plantation Barbados 5 Year Old Grand Reserve Rum

Plantation Panama 8 Years

Puntacana Ron Muy Viejo

Puntacana Ron Viejo

ReimonenQ Rhum 7 Years 1995

ReimonenQ Rhum Cuvee Prestige 9 Years

ReimonenQ Rhum Reserve Speciale 6 Years

Renegade Barbados 6 Years

Renegade Barbados Black Rock 9 Years 2000

Renegade Guyana Port Morant 6 Years

Renegade Jamaica Monymusk Distillery 5 Years

Rhum Bielle 2010 Extra Vieux

Rhum Bologne Aged Rhum Vieux

Rhum Bologne VO

Rhum Bologne VSOP

Rhum Bologne XO

Rhum Depaz VSOP Reserve Speciale

Rhum Dillon Rhum Vieux Carte Noire

Rhum Dillon Rhum Vieux Cuvée Des Planteurs

Rhum Dillon Très Vieux Reserve du Comte Arthur Dillon VSOP

Rhum J.M. Tres Vieux X.O. Reserve Speciale

Riviere du Mat Rhum Vieux Agricole Reserve Speciale 6 Years

Ron Abuelo 7 Años Reserva Superior

Ron Aldea Extra Anejo 8 Years

Ron Caney Añejo Centuria

Ron Caney Oro Ligero

Ron Cartavio 5 Years

Ron Centenario Anejo Especial 7 Anos

Ron Centenario Anejo Especial 9 Anos

Ron Centenario Conmemorativo Reserva

Ron Cubay Anejo Suave

Ron De Jeremy The Adult

Ron Medellin Extra Anejo 8 Years

Ron Mulata Anejo 5 Years

Ron Mulata Anejo 7 Years

Ron Mulata Anejo 8 Years

Ron Varadero Anejo 5 Years

Ron Varadero Anejo 7 Years

Ron Varadero Elixir

Ron Viejo de Caldas 5 Years

Ron Viejo de Caldas Anejo Carta de Oro 8 Years

Rum Nation Barbados 8 Years 2002

Rum Nation Jamaica 5 Years 2016

Rum Nation Panama 8 Years

Rum Nation Peruano 8 Years 2008

Rum Nation Peruano 8 Years 2014

Rum Nation Peruano 8 Years 2015

Rum Nation Reunion 7 Years 2016

Saint James Cuvee Speciale Rhum Vieux

Saint James Hors d’Age / Old Rum

Santero Ron 9 Years Reserva

Santero Ron Cafe Anejo 7 Years

Santero Ron Extra Anejo 7 Years

Santero Ron Oro Anejo 5 Years

Savanna 5 Years Cuvée Spéciale

Savanna 6 Year Old Vieux Agricole Rum Port Finish

Savanna Intense 2002 6 Year Old Rum Sherry Finish

Savanna Intense 2002 8 Years

Savanna Rhum Vieux Agricole Single Cask 5 Years

Savanna Rhum Vieux Traditionnel 5 Years

Savanna Rhum Vieux Traditionnel 7 Years

Secret Treasures Old Aguardiente de Cana de Cuba 1996

Secret Treasures Old Barbados Rum 1995

Secret Treasures Old Trinidad Rum 1996

Severin Rhum Très Vieux Millésime 2005

Severin Rhum Vieux Brut De Fûts Xérès

Severin Rhum Vieux Vieilli En Fûts De Bordeaux 2004

Severin Rhum Vieux XO

Stolen Over Proof Rum Limited Edition

Stolen Smoked Rum

Sweden Rock Holy Spirit Gold Label Rhum

Takamaka Bay St. André 8 Years Dark Rhum

Tanduay Asian Rum Gold

Tanduay Primiero Ron 8 Years

Tanduay Rhum Dark

The Real McCoy 5 Year Rum

Tondena 5 Years Anejo

Tortuga 5 Year

Toz Gold

Tres Hombres Rum #1 2010

Tres Hombres Rum #14 VIII Years Captains Choice Marie Galante

Tres Hombres Rum #2 2011

Trois Rivieres Rhum Vieux Agricole 5

Trois Rivieres Rhum Vieux Agricole 8

Trois Rivieres Rhum Vieux Agricole Vintage 1997

Ultimatum Selected 8 Years Potstill Rum

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