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If you are looking for rum from Barbados you have come to the right place, below you will find a great deal of them. Do note that this list is by no means complete and is growing all the time.

If you know a rum that is missing, dont be shy, let us know about it.


Rum bottles from Barbados

Rum brands from Barbados

Total amount of rum bottles on Ultimate rum guide


Total amount of rum brands on Ultimate rum guide

You can buy Barbados rums from one of our partners below: 

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Rum brands from Barbados

Rums from Barbados

Alambic Classique Collection Rare Single Cask Rum Foursquare Millenium Reserve 2000
Berrys Barbados Rum 12 Years
Berrys Barbados Rum 15 Years
Cadenhead’s Green Label Barbados Rum 12 Years
Caraibe Ron Amalie Rum
Caraibe Ron Charlotte Rum
Caraibe Ron Peter Rum
Cockspur 130 Overproof
Cockspur Fine Rum
Cockspur Five Star Fine Rum
Cockspur Old Gold Reserve
Cockspur Spiced
Cockspur Splash Citrus Mango
Cockspur Splash Green Apple
Cockspur Splash Pineapple Coconut
Cockspur VSOR 12 Years
Compagnie Des Indes Barbados 12 Years Single Cask
Compagnie Des Indes Barbados 16 Years Cask Strength
Compagnie Des Indes Barbados 16 Years Single Cask
Compagnie Des Indes Barbados 20 Years Single Cask
Kaniché Rum 11 Years
Kaniché Rum Reserve
Kaniché Rum XO Double Wood
Kill Devil Barbados 14 Years 2001
Kill Devil Barbados 16 Years 2000
Kill Devil Barbados 9 Years
Mahiki Rum Coconut Black Edition
Mahiki Rum Coconut Blue Edition
Mahiki Rum Coconut Red Edition
Mahiki Rum Cognac Cask
Mahiki Rum Gold
Mahiki Rum White
Malibu Black
Malibu Coconut Original
Malibu Island Melon
Malibu Island Spiced
Malibu Mango
Malibu Passion Fruit
Malibu Pinapple
Malibu Red
Malibu Sundae
Malibu Sunshine
Malibu Swirl
Malibu Tropical Banana
Malibu Winter Edition
Mount Gay 1703 Barbados Rum Old Cask Selection
Mount Gay Rum Eclipse
Mount Gay Rum Eclipse Silver
Mount Gay Rum Extra Old 12 Years
Mount Gay Rum Mango
Neptune Rum Gold Barbados 3 Years
Plantation 20th anniversary
Plantation 3 Stars
Plantation Barbados 15 Year Single Cask Rum
Plantation Barbados 1991
Plantation Barbados 1993
Plantation Barbados 1995
Plantation Barbados 2000
Plantation Barbados 2001 Old Reserve
Plantation Barbados 5 Year Old Grand Reserve Rum
Plantation Belize 2004
Plantation Belize XO Rum
Plantation Black Cask 1651
Plantation Black Cask 2016
Plantation Grenada 2003
Plantation Guadeloupe 1998
Plantation Guatemala & Belize Gran Anejo
Plantation Guatemala Gran Anejo
Plantation Guatemala XO Vild Med Vin
Plantation Guyana 1999
Plantation Guyana 2005
Plantation Jamaica 2000
Plantation Jamaica 2001
Plantation Nicaragua 2001
Plantation Nicaragua 2003
Plantation Old Fashioned Traditional Rum
Plantation Original Dark 40%
Plantation Original Dark Double Aged Rum
Plantation Original Dark Over Proof 73%
Plantation Panama 2002
Plantation Panama 2004
Plantation Panama 8 Years
Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Dark Rum
Plantation Rum Guadeloupe Vintage 1998
Plantation Saint Lucia 2003
Plantation Saint Lucia 2004
Plantation Trinidad 1999
Renegade Barbados 6 Years
Renegade Barbados Black Rock 9 Years 2000
Rum Nation Barbados 10 Years 2014
Rum Nation Barbados 10 Years 2015
Rum Nation Barbados 12 Years 1995 Limited Edition
Rum Nation Barbados 8 Years 2002
Rum Nation Barbados Anniversary Decanter 12 Years
Rum Nation Barbados XO Anniversary Decanter
Rum Sixty Six 12 years
Secret Treasures Old Barbados Rum 1995
Secret Treasures Old Trinidad Rum 1991
Secret Treasures Old Trinidad Rum 1996
Shellback Silver Rum
Shellback Spiced Rum
Sweden Rock Holy Spirit Gold Label Rhum
Sweden Rock Holy Spirit Rhum Solera 8 Years
The Real McCoy 12 Year Rum
The Real McCoy 3 Year Rum
The Real McCoy 5 Year Rum
The Rum Swedes Barbados 2000
Ultimatum Single Cask Barbados
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