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White rum aka Light rum or Silver rum are generally most used to make drinks rather than drinking them straight.

White Rum Collection

Admiral Nelson’s Premium Silver Rum

Aguere White Rum

Angostura Butterfly White Rum

Angostura Old Oak White

Angostura Reserva White Rum

Appleton Estate White Jamaica Rum

Arehucas Carta Blanca

Bacardi 151 Rum Vintage

Bacardi Edicion Heritage

Bacardi Neo

Barbancourt White Rhum

Baroca Silver

Beenleigh White Rum

Bermudez 151 Blanco

Bermudez Crystal

Bermudez Ron Blanco

Bermudez Ron Viejo Blanco

Bodegas 1492 Anejo Blanco Ron

Bodegas 1492 White Rum

Bonpland Rum Blanc VSOP

Bonpland Rum Claire

Botran Etiqueta Blanca

Botran Extra Light XL

Botran Reserva Blanca

Botucal Blanco Reserve

Bristol Mauritius White

Brugal 151 Blanco Overproof

Brugal Blanco

Brugal Blanco Especial

Brugal Especial Extra Dry

Brugal Titanium

Bundaberg Five Rum

Cacique Ron Blanco Premium

Calico Jack Silver Rum

Captain Morgan Silver Spiced

Captain Morgan White Rum

Chalong Bay Rum

Clarkes Court Pure White Rum

Clarkes Court Superior Light Rum

Clement Blanc 40%

Clement Blanc 50%

Clement Blanc 55%

Clement Canne Bleu

Clement Canne Bleu 2008

Clement Canne Bleu 2011

Clement Canne Bleu 2012

Clement Canne Bleu 2013

Clement Canne Bleu 2014

Clement Canne Bleu 2015

Clement Canne Bleu 2016

Clement Grappe Blanche 2000

Clement Premiere Canne

Columbus Blanco

Compagnie Des Indes Jamaica 5 Years Blend

Compagnie Des Indes Oktober Rum Blend

Compagnie Des Indes Tricorne Blend

Cor Cor 25

Cor Cor Agricole 25

Cor Cor Green

Cor Cor Red

Coruba Carta Blanca Rum

Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum 5 Years

Cubanacan Blanco Superior

Cubaney White Silver 3 Years

Damoiseau Blanc

Damoiseau Virgin Cane Rum

Diplomatico Blanco

Diplomatico Blanco Ultra Premium

Diplomatico Planas

Doc Brown’s Really Bad Rum White

Don Q Cristal

Dzama Blanc De Nosy-Be

Dzama Blanc De Nosy-Be Prestige

Dzama Club Extra Rhum Blanc

Dzama Cuvee Blanche

Dzama Cuvee Blanche Classique

Dzama Cuvee Blanche Prestige

Dzama Le Maki Mojito Royal

Ekte Light And Dry

Ekte Organic Rum

El Dorado Superior White Rum

Espinillar Anejo Blanco

Expedition White Rum

Flip Flop Rum Silver

Flor de Caña Extra Dry White 4 Year

Havana Club Añejo Blanco

HSE Cuvee Titouan Lamazou

HSE Pedro Ximenez Finish 2005

HSE Porto Finish 2009

HSE Rhum Blanc 40%

HSE Rhum Blanc 50%

HSE Rhum Blanc 55%

HSE Rhum Blanc Cuvee 2012

Isautier Agricultural White Rum

Isautier Traditional White Rum 40

Isautier Traditional White Rum 49

Issan Rum

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