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All the rums below are classed like “Dark Rums”, as there is no official definition to what rare rum is, its based on various different factors.

Dark Rum Collection

Amrut Old Port Deluxe Rum

Amrut XXX Classic Rum

Amrut XXX Rum

Angostura 1787

Angostura 1919 8 years

Angostura 5 year Gold Rum

Angostura 7 year Gold Rum

Angostura Butterfly Dark Rum 7 Year

Atlantico Rum Private Cask

Bacardi 151° Rum

Bacardi 1873 Solera Rum

Bacardi de Maestros de Ron Vintage MMXII 150th Anniversary Decanter

Bacardi Oakheart

Bacardi Select Rum

Barbancourt 3 Star Rhum

Barbancourt 5 Star Rhum

Barcelo Añejo

Barcelo Gran Añejo

Baroca Dark

Beenleigh Copper Pot Distilled Rum

Beenleigh Dark Rum

Beenleigh Double Barrel

Bermudez Añejo Selecto

Bermudez Anejo Selecto 7 Years

Bermudez Don Armando

Bermudez Dorado

Bermudez El Dorado

Bermudez Malla de Oro

Bermudez Premium Light

Bermudez Reserva Especial

Bermudez Viejo Extra Especial Blanco

Berrys Grenada Rum 7 Years

Berrys Grenada Rum 8 Years

Berrys Guadeloupe Rum 15 Years

Black Mask Black Premo

Bonpland Rum Rouge VSOP

Bonpland Rum Sombre

Bonpland Rum XO Guyana 28 Years

Borgoe 8 Years

Borgoe 82

Borgoe Vintage

Botran Anejo 12 Years

Botran Anejo 8 Years

Botran & Co Gran Reserva Especial

Botran Reserva

Botran Reserva 15 Years

Botran Solera 1893 18 Years

Botran Solera 1893 Anejo

Botucal Ambassador

Botucal Anejo

Botucal Mantuano Rum

Botucal Reserva Exclusiva

Botucal Reserva Extra Anejo

Botucal Single Vintage 2000 Sherry Cask

Botucal Single Vintage 2001 Sherry Cask

Botucal Single Vintage 2002 Sherry Cask

Bristol Caribbean Collection Golden Trinidad

Brugal Añejo

Brugal Anejo Reserva

Brugal Carta Dorada

Brugal Extra Viejo

Brugal Extra Viejo Gran Reserva Familiar

Brugal Leyenda

Bundaberg Master Distillers 280 Rum

Bundaberg Master Distillers Blenders Rum Limited Edition

Bundaberg Master Distillers Dark Oak Rum

Bundaberg Master Distillers’ Double Barrel Rum

Bundaberg Master Distillers’ Port Barrel Rum

Bundaberg Racing Edition

Bundaberg Rum 101 Limited Release

Bundaberg Rum 1961 3rd Bear

Bundaberg Rum Bundy Bear

Bundaberg Rum Collectors Label

Bundaberg Rum Darren Locker 6 Years Old Limited Edition

Bundaberg Rum Distiller’s No. 3

Bundaberg UP Rum

Bundaberg Watermark

Cacique Edicion Especial Futbol Blue

Cacique Edicion Especial Futbol Red

Cacique Origen Extra Anejo

Cacique Ron Añejo 500

Captain Morgan Dark Rum

Captain Morgan Deluxe Dark

Captain Morgan Private Stock

Caraibe Ron Amalie Rum

Caraibe Ron Charlotte Rum

Caraibe Ron Peter Rum

Contessa XXX Rum

Coruba Dark

Coruba Original Blend

Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum 5 Years

Cruzan Ron Anejo Islas Virgenes

Cubanacan Anejo Superior 5 Years

Cubanacan Elixir Orangerie

Cubanacan Reserva Familar 12 Anos

Cubaney Aged Reserve 5 years

Cubaney Aged Special 3 Years

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