Appleton Estate Extra Jamaica Rum 12 years

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Product name: Appleton Estate Extra Jamaica Rum 12 years

Distillery: Appleton Estate
Alcohol by volume: 43%
Alcohol proof: 86proof
Age: 12+ years
Produced since:
Country of Origin: Jamaica


Official info:

Chilly nights in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains call for the wondrous amber warmth of Appleton Estate Extra Jamaica Rum – the result of the spirit resting in oak casks for up to 12 years. A bold, smooth taste inviting favourable comparison to the world’s finest cognacs and scotches.

The rum has a deep, rich, mahogany color to it. The inviting color glistens in the light as you turn the glass to inspect the legs, which hold fast to the glass as they slowly work their way back into the bowl.
Nose The first note to reach your nose is the fruity scent of orange peel, followed by the warm aroma of toasted walnuts. There’s a very pleasant bit of vanilla at the top, riding just above the earthy and fruity notes. There is a light richness to the nose, a good level of complexity without the heavier sweet aromas that you can sometimes find in rums.
Managing to put an end to trying to absorb the glass of rum entirely via its vapors, the taste is everything the nose had hinted at and more.
The entry is slightly sweet, with notes of vanilla, oak, and fruit. The orange peel flavor appears and gives way to an almost cherry sensation followed by almonds. The finish is warm and clean, with touches of pepper and spice, but leaving you with almost no burn in the throat.
The rum is light-bodied and has a very pleasant mouth-feel. There is a very slight oily quality to the body that allows the rum to glide easily over the tongue and depart the palate cleanly. This is a rum that can easily be sipped.

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