Mezan Vintage Barrique Aged Panama Rum

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Product name: Mezan Vintage Barrique Aged Panama Rum

Brand: Mezan
: Don Jose Distillery
Alcohol by volume: 40%
Alcohol proof:
Age: 1995 / 15 Years
Produced since:
Country of Origin: Panama

Mezan Vintage Barrique Aged Panama Rum


Mezan Panama Barrique aged rum was colom-distilled at the famoous Don Jose Distillery in May 1995. It has been aged in small oak casks for 15 years prior to bottling in April 2011. A beautiful rum which is rich and complex.

Veralo Hermanos was established in 1908 by one Don Jose Varelo Blanco when he founded the Republic of Panama’s first sugar mill. In 1936 his three sons persuaded him to set up a distillery and Hermanos Veralo came into being.

Today the third generation are in charge of the home of Ron Abuelo. The distillery is still known by the name Distilleria Don Jose and the company grow all their own yeast cultures in their laboratories resulting in characterful rums. This rum was column distilled and has a little bit of something for everyone!

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